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13th July 2003

8:38pm: asshole
best thing ever i cant believe there is the empire again i cant wait
everyone should come! and there is a new song! its all so very excited i am going to pee in my pants so i can ride the special bus yipee hooray hip hop hooray for frowny face empire even though greg got a girlfriend and having a girlfriend is dumb and counterproductive for the empire at least thats wot kate and alana said today. bye!
Current Mood: zoominent

29th March 2003

11:41am: i think the empire might strike back this summer
i hope they do. i miss it a lot

27th July 2002

12:53am: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
that was so much fun. dancing is fun. frowny face empire is fun! cutest religious figures ever. and they gave us sandwitches made out of communion wafers! and more candy! yay! and they did new songs.
the other bands that played were good also. im not sure if i really understood them though.
cant wait for the show on september 1
i hope they record soon
Current Mood: dispondancy

5th July 2002

10:12pm: i havent written in my livejournal for a long time because on sunday my mom caught me trying to sneak back into the house at like 1 in the morning and she got mad and wouldn't let me go out or use the computer or anything. the show was so worth it though! frowny face empire was really really good and they got all dressed up and it was just like wow! was my first concert and definitely one of the best things ever...except i ended up getting really lost in brooklyn for a while and i was scared id get there too late. but then they went on later than i thought they would so it was ok! and there were lots of people there so i was kind of scared and just stood there in the back of the room watching everything. and there was that girl with barbies! she was neat. i wish i could get to do something like that. i cant wait for the next show. :D
and i got candy and a sticker! yay!

29th June 2002

12:14pm: oh my god!

this is going to be the best experience of my life.

i think they made a music video...i can't *wait* to see it.

ok, i have to go now.


19th June 2002

6:42pm: best thing ever
i am happy that school is over. now i have more time for syping on frowny face empire. :D they are practicing every day and they are getting really really good! but i dont think greg is going to be in the band for very much longer. i wish i could play keyboards for them, but even if they asked my mom wouldn't let me. she wont even let me go to the show, i have go sneak out.

7th June 2002

9:54pm: a new livejournal
hi my name is adam, and i am new to livejournal. i don't have any friends yet...i added members of frowny face empire, but i don't think that they are going to add me. that is my favourite band and everyone should check them out! i heard them because i stole greg's minidisk and i spied on their practice one day and im going to go to all of their shows. the first one is in 23 days! i am so excited! it will be my first concert! oh, hooray! well, i'm off to search around livejournal for friends.
Current Mood: hopeful
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